Monday, July 27, 2009



It’s mid-2009, and already, we are bombarded by images of politicians promoting their advocacies, making early promises of a better future for Filipinos. This is perhaps only a sign of things to come. Because, although May 2010 is barely a year away, the truth is, the making of the next Philippine president is already well underway.

GMA News and Public Affairs presents “Gusto Kong Maging Pangulo!,” a prelude to the coming 2010 presidential elections – the country’s most significant political event, and the people’s greatest democratic exercise. The special takes us through the beginnings of a presidential campaign, the workings behind political machinery, and ultimately, what it takes to secure a bid for the highest office in the land.

“Gusto Kong Maging Pangulo!” promotes a practical understanding of election realities. The special is hosted by veteran journalist and news anchor Mike Enriquez, with the special participation of Ariel and Maverick. As Mike Enriquez brings us the latest updates on the upcoming presidential race, the two comedians decide to join the circus and run for the presidency. Not knowing where to begin, they take to the streets of Metro Manila to find out eligibility requirements, scavenge election funds, mount their own campaign, form a political party, and promote themselves to the public.

But it’s no easy task. The contest is on even before the candidates are made official. Not everyone who wants to run for president, can and will be able to do so. This involves intricate planning, strategic maneuvering, and creativity.

With all the effort behind each presidential bid comes the chance at becoming the most powerful person in the country. The president’s life, as we discover, can be quite a privileged life, with free trips all over the world, and an army of your own personal escort, to name a few perks. But the real privilege – and challenge – to any future President is the opportunity to lead the country and uplift the lives of its citizens. It is a crucial role, and one needn’t wait for 2010 to think about. Because the next president is being made right now.

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