Sunday, November 9, 2008




The venue, to begin with, had a citified ambience with metro guests coming in and a Hispanic feel of its Dominican-dominated locale.

Of course, the elegance wasn’t lost a bit primarily because the celebrators were mostly stylish.

As early as Tuesday, the preparation at the Santo Domingo Church was to the letter as the wedding planners were all agog in setting the whole place with Filipiniana mood and atmosphere.

Cibo catering was in place hours before the occasion. It served native delicacies of Spanish influences like rice cake, diced banana cakes, mini sandwiches of pan de sal, pastillas and other merienda cena.

The wedding day was a lot cozier and more tranquil, but not without the threats of impending climate idiosyncrasy. The sun shone brightly despite the previous night’s drizzle in some parts of the city.

People from all walks of life started milling around the church yard, trying to find out how to get in and had a good chance of watching the event.

It was history in the making, of course. Here was a senator of the land, a grandson of a former president of the country and a son of a great statesman, marrying a controversial broadcast figure.

All eyes were laid on them.

A comfortable space was allotted to ordinary folks inside the compound, but only a number of them, a good number of them, though, could be accommodated.

It was fiesta-like.

As usual, sidewalk vendors took a good chance at their merchandise as an enterprising man displayed his full scale of Korina and Mar pins. They were sold for P15 and were selling like hotcakes, but a lady photographer had it for free from the media registration panel.

A helicopter hovered above before and during the matrimonial ceremony.

Media people who didn’t have invitations were fighting tooth and nail to get access cards.

Most of the guests were on time to fill up the huge holy place, a historic landmark.

As usual, the corridors leading to the church were filled with people not necessarily hearing mass, but attending to some businesses directly or indirectly connected with the Roxas-Sanchez wedding.

Some principal sponsors, especially the senior ones, were early birds. Other members of the entourage were ready to march, but had to be stationed in one corner for common instruction.

The little boys and girls had to be looked over by their moms particularly. Bridesmaids and best men had to wait patiently.

What to do in waiting for the bride to come? Pleasantries could be more effective to combat boredom.

Outside, the people were frantic to see their favorite stars on film and TV, and would easily yell or shout their names in wild abandon.

One and a half hour late of the scheduled procession, the lady of the hour came rushing in. This time, she had to be covered with yards of seemingly piƱa clothes to the church doorsteps.

When she was finally unveiled, the crowd broke loose.

The proceeding was entirely solemn. Unto the night, the moon was shining its half.

It wasn’t the end of the fiesta celebration but just the beginning of it. - by Boy Villasanta,

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