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The Eraserheads are reuniting after many years of being apart, not for good but only for one show slated for Aug. 30 at the CCP Open Grounds.
all the original members are performing — Ely Buendia, Buddy Zabala, Marcus Adoro and Raimund Marasigan.

Said to be the ‘greatest Pinoy band,’ the Eraserheads will sing all their hit songs, including Alapaap, Toyang and Ang Huling El Bimbo.

Ely, who survived a heart attack two years ago, has formed two bands, Mongol (which didn’t last long) and Pupil (still playing).

‘It took one big company to bring the former band members together,’ said the source who is keeping the company’s identity ‘confidential’ for the time being.

The legendary Eraserheads, touted as the biggest rock icons of the 90s, finally reunited for a one-night-only concert last Saturday, August 30. I wasn’t at the concert, but according to news reports, the band opened with a bang with songs “Alapaap” and “Ligaya” as well as matching fireworks.

But by past 11pm, the online community was already abuzz with personal accounts of how the highly-anticipated concert in Taguig in Metro Manila was cut short because its lead singer-songwriter Ely Buendia was rushed to the hospital due to “overfatigue.”

They were supposed to perform 30 songs, but ended up delivering 15 numbers only (with nary a spiel). During the last song of the first set, “Lightyears,” Ely was described as sitting already on stage, then seemed to wobble as he took off his guitar for a short break before the next set. After a supposed 20 minute lull (that stretched to 30 then 45 minutes), a sister of the lead vocalist emerged on stage—joined by the rest of the band members, Raimund Marasigan, Buddy Zabala and Marcus Adoro—to regretfully announced its abrupt finish due to Ely’s condition that was caused by “a lot of emotional stress lately.” It was reported that Ely’s mother died from cardiac arrest just two days ago.

A representative from MTV Philippines, the concert’s new organizer (after the tobacco company Philip Morris reportedly backed out due to legal concerns), also said in an online interview that Ely suffered a “slight attack.” As of presstime, the singer is reportedly in stable condition at the Philippine Heart Center.


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