Saturday, October 10, 2009

False News About San Roque Dam is Broken Caused Panick

False News About San Roque Dam is Broken Caused Panick

Officials denied news circulating around Pangasinan through text messages that the San Roque Dam has been broken.

Several residents in Pangasinan panicked for a possible massive flashfloods when they heard the news. People are running and packing to evacuate and to move to a higher place.

But, according to Tom Valdez, vice president of the San Roque Power Corp. the damn is intact and strong despite the high volume of water it has been carrying since the storm Pepeng into northern Luzon.

More 20 villages were still flooded in Pangasinan, floods went as deep as 20 feet due to heavy rains caused by Tropical Depression Pepeng and the release of water from San Roque dam.

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