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Here are some of the Christmas text messages you can use to greet your love ones. Merry Christmas to all!

Iv already
told SANTA
Wt i wnt

a friend
dat wil stay

Small boy wrote to Santa Claus, “Send me a brother.” Santa Claus wrote back, “Send me your mother!” Hohohoho! Merry Christmas!

Ui, my nalaman aq 2ngkol
kw tlga..Ü

binalot mO n dw gft m skn
Excited n 2lOy akO!hehehe.:-)


Dear God, please take care of this person. Bait po yan, and feel ko po, sya ang pinaka-unang magbibigay sa aking ng regalo sa Pasko! Amen!

Christmas is canceled this
year and it’s all because of

I told Santa that you’ve
been good all year and he
died laughing! HahahaÜ


Christmas may be a day of feasting, but always it will be a day of remembrance – a day in which we think of everything we have ever loved. I love you my friend and enjoy the season! =)

.;”";. .;”";.
()”" ‘) ‘+, ” ,+’
( ,’o')”) “+,+”
(,,) )
Just sending a WARM HEART
to say…
Merry Christmas and Enjoy
the holiday! God Bless! :-)


Wishing you all the timeless treasures of Christmas, the warmth of home, the love of family and the company of good friends. Have a blessed Christmas!

May d once-a-year joy of
CHRISTmas return to u in
memories throughout d
each time tugging at ur
each time bringing a smile.

I’ve already told Santa what I want for Christmas. A friend who will stay forever. So, if a fat man comes around and tries to wrap you up, please cooperate. =) Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

True joy
comes from
Loving Jesus,
from things
we achieved.

C-hrist gave H-imself as a R-eward so that I-ndividual know the S-acrifices T-hat he did for M-ankind to A-chieve the gift of S-alvation.Merry Christmas!

Whatever is bright &
beautiful, whatever means
the most to you, whatever
brings Ü happiness, these
are the things i wish for you
& your family.MERRY

Merry Christmas! May God shower us more with His blessings. May we find life’s true meaning as we further reflect on this blessed season. More love, happiness, success and good health!

Exercise tips this season:
stretch ur patience, run
miles of faith, flex ur love
4 others & smile ur heart
out. Have a healthy
christmas! God bless!

Do you know what Christmas is? It’s simple. Christ Has Risen In Spite The Most Adverse Sacrifices. Please pass to all your friends and spread the good news!

May the season of
“Love & Peace”
“Joy & Laughter”
“Care & Sharing”
be with you & your family

May the birth of our Savior Jesus Christ bring you and your family endless prosperity, blessings and peace of mind that you truly deserve. Merry Christmas!

In this season of
merrymking & endles
parties, alwys rmember..
“thou shalt not weigh more
than thy refrigerator.”
Merry Christmas & Happy
New Year!! ;-)

X’mas Carols for the Disturbed:

Schizoprenia – Do you hear what I hear?

Dementia: I think I’ll be home for Christmas..

Narcissistic – Hark the herald angels sing about me..

Paranoid – Santa Claus is coming to get me..

Multiple personality disorder – We Three Kings disoriented are..

Borderline personality disorder – Thoughts of roasting on an open fire..

Obsessive compulsion disorder – Jingle bells, jingle bells, jingle bells, jingle bells……

Merry Christmas! Let us all celebrate the true meaning of this day with our family and friends. Thank you for being a part of our lives. God bless.

Before the clock strikes at 12 let me greet u and ur family a Merry Christmas. May the season of joy bring peace to u and ur family. God bless u always. :-)

Blessed Christmas
to u & ur family! ü

,*, not all gifts
,*,*, are under
,*,*,*, the tree.
,*,*, ,*,*,most
*,*,*,*,* are in
*,*,* d heart.
MeRry ChRiStMas!

Jinggoy: – Dad, ano ang family name ni Jesus?
Jinggoy: Huh, bakit Christmas?
Erap: Tange! Di mo alam na anak sya ni Mary Christmas?

Don’t expect too much of Christmas. You can’t crowd into it any arrears of unselfishness and kindliness that may have accrued during the past twelve months.

:” ” ” “:
and keep
a STRONG FAITH… its christmastime, and one of the many humble ways of reaching out is …texting u..

Competitions are so strong nowadays. Sometimes we need to be ahead of other people…..

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