Thursday, December 3, 2009


Sarah Gaugler is the cover girl of Uno Magazine’s December 2009 issue.

Sarah Gaugler is an illustrator, designer, vocalist of Turbo Goth, and a tattoo artist.

She graduated from the College of FINE ARTS and DESIGN major in ADVERTISING.

Sarah Gaugler is also a host and a model.

sarah gaugler

Sarah Gaugler on Uno Magazine May 2009

Sarah Gaugler is known in music circles as the chick that does album covers. Her work on Orange and Lemons’ Moonlane Gardens won the NU Rock Awards for Best Album Packaging in 2007 and the Awit Award for Album Packaging Excellence in 2008. She did the illustrations for Kami nAPO Muna Ulit, the Apo Hiking Society’s second tribute album. Her art is cute and strange and compelling, so much so that they have found their way onto people’s skin. Literally.

Behind the scenes video of Sarah Gaugler, cover girl for UNO Magazine's December 2009 issue.

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