Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Serpina, Babaeng Manananggal, Babaeng Demonyita, Vladimir, the Vampire and Electra

Serpina, Babaeng Manananggal, Babaeng Demonyita, Vladimir, the Vampire and Electra are the new super villains that will test her strength and power coming this December for Darna’s new season.

Marian Rivera as Darna

Marian Rivera as Darna

Darna, the legendary Pinay superhero will face more difficult challenges as a new set of super villains threaten to spread evil in the town of San Martin.

Darna’s first season was a prime time hit. Fighting creepy villains like Babaeng Impakta, Babaeng Lawin, Babaeng Tuod at Babaeng Linta, was hit in pinoy televiewers especially for the kids.

New Super Villains:

Serpina – potrayed by Katrina Halili, daughter of Kobra and Babaeng Impakta, half-sister of Valentina. Serpina aims to fulfill her father’s wish to propagate their race. Serpina will eventually fall for Darna’s first love Eduardo (Mark Anthony Fernandez) thus intensifying her desire to totally eliminate Narda.

Babaeng Manananggal – potrayed by Sexbomb Rochelle Pangilinan.
She is Dr. Deborrah, she will transform as an ugly winged monster at night, eager to suck the life out of expectant mothers. Dr. Deborrah also holds a vital secret concerning Ding’s (Darna’s sidekick) mysterious past.

Vladimir – played Akihiro Sato, behind his godlike features is a wicked and vicious vampire hungry for innocent people’s blood.

Babaeng DemonyitaJackie Rice will play Helga, a girl with an angelic face but will be possessed by a powerful evil spirit with extreme wrath and fury.

Electra – Darna’s most powerful nemesis, the Queen of Planet Woman. Portrayed by no less than the Asia’s Songbird Regine Velasquez. Electra comes from a different planet with incredible strength and power. She will come to invade the Earth.


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