Saturday, February 6, 2010


The Gin Kings won via forfeiture after TALK N TEXT walked out to the first quarter on their game for the KFC - PBA Philippine Cup quarter finals series.

Watch the video:

Ginebra was in the lead, 27-20, after the referee, Throngy Aldaba called flagrant foul 2 against Raniel de Ocampo. After the game crew reviewed the videos, referee Aldaba decided to send out de Ocampo. TNT walked out and returned to their dug out. They were given 5 minutes grace period to return to the game, but did not return after the buzzer sounds, league commissioner Sonny Barrios had a closed-door conference with board representative Ricky Vargas and team manager Virgil Villavicencio to fix the situation. But, after 2 grace period without response from Talk n Text, they decided to give the win to Ginebra, which makes them tie in this series 2-2. Because of this, Talk n Text will pay P500,000 base on the league rules about walkouts and forfeitures. De Ocampo will also face suspension because flagrant foul 2 to Ronald Tubid.

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