Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Alec Baldwin "Mail order bride" Joke causes uproar

Alec Baldwin's joke about getting a Filipino mail-order bride provoked a sharp response in the Philippines, with one senator saying Monday that the "30 Rock" star faces violence if he ever visits.

Baldwin, 51, who is divorced with a teenage daughter, said in a May 12 interview on "The Late Show" with David Letterman that he would love to have more children.

The Emmy-winning actor quipped that he was "thinking about getting a Filipino mail-order bride at this point ... or a Russian one."

Philippine Sen. Ramon Revilla said Monday that Baldwin's comment was "insensitive and uncalled for" and an insult to millions of Filipinos.

He called the actor "arrogant" and said he is apparently unaware that the Philippines has a law against mail-order brides.

"Let him try to come here in the Philippines and he'll see mayhem," Revilla said, using a local idiom that implies the speaker will personally administer a beating.

Senator Loren Legarda yesterday condemned a statement by actor Alec Baldwin about getting a Filipina mail-order bride, saying that it was "tasteless, chauvinist and racist, even if it was meant to be a joke."

"Isn't it that when you order something, you pay for it?" said Loren in reaction to Baldwin's comment on the David Letterman Show. "Thus, I say to them, Filipino women are not for sale, not even to Hollywood actors [like Baldwin].

Loren urged Baldwin to issue a public apology over the remark which had created an uproar and irate remarks from Filipinos worldwide upon the interview's uploading into the internet video website youtube.

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